Adam Carolla Divorce – Details!

Adam Carolla Divorce - Details!

Adam Carolla, a comedian and podcast host, and his wife Lynette got a divorce after being married for almost 19 years.

The 56-year-old radio host talked about the news on his podcast, “The Adam Carolla Show.”

At the start of the episode, he said, “We’re going to start with some sad personal news: Lynette and I are getting a divorce.”

“I didn’t want to get this or do this. Like Lynette, I was born after my parents split up. “No one ever wants a divorce,” he continued.

Carolla said that the two have been apart for “a few months,” but that “the kids come first, and they have.”

Adam Carolla Divorce - Details!

People said the couple got married in September 2002, after about six years of dating. In June 2006, they told everyone that they had twins, a boy and a girl.

He made a joke by saying, “They’re doing well—some might even say too well.” He said, “I wanted some damage, but I didn’t get much.”

When Carolla talked more personally about the divorce, she said, “It’s been hard.”

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After Adam Carolla filed for divorce, his wife has asked the court for joint custody of their children

According to new court documents obtained by The Blast, Lynette Paradise Carolla‘s response to the divorce filing was to ask the judge for “joint” custody of the couple’s 16-year-old twins. In the filing, Lynette also asks Adam to pay her spousal support every month. She also wants the comedian’s wife to stop getting money from the court.

Adam Carolla Divorce - Details!

Adam filed for divorce and said he would share joint custody of the kids, but it looks like he doesn’t want to pay child support. In fact, Adam filled out all the boxes after filing “pro per,” which means “without an attorney.”

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Adam asked for a divorce in May 2021, and his ex-wife says they have been living apart since April 2019.

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