Know About Alejandro Fernandez’s Girlfriend, Karla Laveaga!

Know About Alejandro Fernandez’s Girlfriend, Karla Laveaga!

Alejandro Fernández Abarca is a Mexican singer.

He is one of the most popular Latino musicians. The media and his fans call him “El Potrillo,” and he has sold more than 20 million records all over the world. He is the son of the well-known Mexican singer Vicente Fernández. He used to focus on traditional, earthy Mexican folk music like mariachi and charro until he was able to move into pop music successfully.

Alejandro, who is well-known for his music from Mexico, has had a total of five children.

He was married to América Guinart before. They are the parents of Alejandro Jr., as well as the twins América and Camila. He also has two kids with Ximena Daz, a Colombian model. Emiliano and Valentina are their names.

And right now, Alejandro Fernandez is in a happy relationship with Karla Laveaga, the woman he has been dating for a long time.

Know About Alejandro Fernandez’s Girlfriend, Karla Laveaga!

Here is everything you need to know about Alejandro Fernandez’s girlfriend and how they are together.

Meet Karla Laveaga, Alejandro Fernandez’s Girlfriend

Karla Laveaga Vuilleumier was born on September 20, 1991, in the Mexican city of Guadalajara. She is one of the two girls that Adriana Margarita Vuilleumier Del Toro has.

Karla Laveaga is a model for both Instagram and the fashion industry. She is known for her fitness and healthy lifestyle.

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Who Is Alejandro Fernandez's Girlfriend? Meet Karla Laveaga!

Reports say that Karla Laveaga Vuilleumier studied interior design at the University of Guadalajara. People say that she also owns a café in her hometown.

Under the handle @karlaveaga, Karla Laveaga posts a lot on Instagram. She has a lot of fans: as of this writing, she has 211K followers and has made 180 posts. She is better known for what she posts on Instagram. She posts photos of her outings and photo shoots to keep her fans up to date.


Karla Laveaga and Alejandro Fernandez have been together for 12 years

Alejandro recently put up a bunch of photos on Instagram with his girlfriend, Karla. In the photo, the couple is kissing, and he wrote in the caption, “12 years of walking and making stories together never stop celebrating every moment!” Happy life @karlaveaga! 🍾🎂 love you!”

Karla wrote in the comment, “I love you with all my heart, my boy @TAG forever!”

This shows that the two have been together for 12 years and are still going strong like a power couple.

Karla Laveaga, who is 20 years younger than him, has been his girlfriend on and off since at least 2012. Even though they have been seen together in public, they haven’t been on each other’s social media until September 2021 posts on their respective Instagram accounts.

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The two would rather keep their relationship quiet than have it get a lot of attention. They rarely tell their fans what’s going on in their relationships. But they talk about each other sometimes on their social media pages.

We hope very much that the sweet couple will get married soon.


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