Ariana Debose Girlfriend Sue Makkoo – Everything You Need To Know

Ariana Debose Girlfriend Sue Makkoo - Everything You Need To Know

Ariana DeBose, who plays Anita in Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story, is the first Afro-Latina and openly LGBT woman to win an Oscar and a SAG Award for best supporting actress.

DeBose was seen locking hands with her girlfriend Sue Makkoo at the Oscars After-Party as she celebrated her huge Oscar win. Everything you need to know about Ariana Grande’s relationship is right here.

During her big night at the 94th Academy Awards, Ariana DeBose was surrounded by nothing but love.

After the ceremony, the Out100 2021 honoree and Oscar-winning actress graced the annual, star-studded Vanity Fair Oscar Party, walking hand-in-hand with her girlfriend, Broadway costume designer Sue Makkoo! She won the award for Best Supporting Actress after playing Anita in Steven Spielberg’s 2021 remake of the movie-musical West Side Story, making history as the first openly queer actress of color to win the award.

Makkoo came to Instagram earlier in the evening to celebrate her girlfriend’s historic win with a wonderfully cute selfie.

“What do your dreams consist of? Thank you, Academy, for taking the time to see her!” Makkoo added a caption to her Instagram image. “We should all lean in to the things that are destined to be in our lives.”

DeBose attended the ceremony with her mother, Mrs. Gina DeBose, and reunited with her girlfriend, Sue Makkoo, following her huge win. The couple appeared to be madly in love at the Vanity Fair after-party.

Ariana and Sue have been together for nearly four years after meeting while doing something they both enjoy. Find out more about Makkoo and her relationship with the actor of Puerto Rican ancestry in this article. Here’s everything you need to know about Ariana’s girlfriend Sue Makkoo.

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Ariana And Sue Met While On A Show Together

Ariana Debose Girlfriend Sue Makkoo - Everything You Need To Know

Sue and Ariana both enjoy going to the theater. That is, in fact, how they met, which is extremely cute. Summer: The Donna Summer Musical brought them together. According to Purewow, Ariana played Disco Donna and Sue was the wardrobe assistant. It’s very cute! This production took place in 2018, thus the couple will have been together for four years soon.

Sue is a Broadway costume designer 

Who is Sue Makkoo

Sue Makkoo has a 25-year career as a costume designer under her belt. She has worked at the Tony Award-winning theater La Jolla for the past 11 years, according to her profile at the Manhattan School of Music

, where she is a professor in the musical theatre department. She is also a tenured faculty member at the University of California, San Diego’s MFA program in Theater and Dance. She’s also the costume designer for a number of Broadway shows, including Memphis, Sideshow, Hands on a Hard Body, 33 Variations, and Cry Baby.

Sue Bought And Renovated A House For Ariana

Sue’s artistic endeavors are not limited to costume design. She also excels in home renovations, having purchased and remodeled a property in Upstate New York for Ariana. She talked about her experience with My Domaine. After practicing for a Broadway production in the city, she needed to find a spot where Ariana could truly decompress. “Well, this mansion is a diva in my opinion. She wants what she wants and tells you when you’re wrong,” she said, perhaps implying that it’s a trait she shares with her girlfriend. “It’s difficult because it’s a sequence of L shapes.” My dream has always been to establish a wonderful forest hideaway. In a sense, it’s Miss Honey’s cottage. That is if Miss Honey had a smidgeon of rock and roll in her.”

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She Composes Poems

Sue’s abilities aren’t limited to the visual arts. She just launched a website called Civilized, where she seeks out and publishes “nice moments throughout a day,” as she puts it. She provides musings that most nearly resemble poetry in a section labeled essays. Holidays and the changing of seasons appear to inspire her. Her most recent piece, in fact, was written on Valentine’s Day.

Sue Is A Mother, Thus Ari Is A Multi-award-winning Stepmother

Sue Makkoo with daughter

We present you to Adalyn Belle, Makkoo’s firstborn, from the writers of “My Stepmom is Cooler Than Yours” and “I Have an Oscar-winning Stepmom.” Sue claims that her daughter is a chef with a background in psychology. She went on to teach cooking workshops to people with Autism later on.

“I’m lucky, my daughter is my best friend, and I just plain like spending time with her,” she wrote on her website. “But we have earned it.” Sue says it wasn’t easy for her to become a young single mother. She even claims that they “raised” each other.



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