Why TikTok is freaking out after searching for ‘Art of the Zoo’ and Why you you should avoid

TikTok has had some weird problems over the years. There was the whole thing about vanilla flavoring and beaver butts, the chainsaw revelations, and the August 27 panic. Then there was the paintball mania with the nerf gun all the way to the potentially destructive Kia challenge.

And now everyone is freaking out about a thing called “Art of the Zoo.” But wait, this is not a new craze, it’s been going on for quite a while now.

People have been posting videos saying “don’t look up art of the zoo” and then filming their reactions after they did.

Why TikTok is freaking out after searching for ‘Art of the Zoo’ and Why you you should avoid

Their faces are always full of horror. Completely upset. That’s interesting. It looks good. What does it mean?

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What Art of the Zoo means on TikTok

Despite the warnings not to look it up, people will be people. Temptation is just too much sometimes. And yet, the reactions have been – predictably – pretty awful.

If you’re having trouble figuring out what “Art of the Zoo” refers to or are too intimidated to look it up on Google after seeing the responses of others, don’t worry; we’ve got the solution for you.

Art Of The Zoo - Tiktok Viral Trend Explained

So, let me tell you something before you do that. There’s really no other way to look at it. People who use Google Images to search for “Art of the Zoo” have found pictures of people having s*x with animals. Bestiality. When you know that, it’s easy to see where the phrase “Art of the Zoo” came from.

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Now that everyone is looking for it, the top search results are explainer articles, so thank you for that. For further clarification, you may want to read the mind-bending piece put together by FitzoneTV.

You read and understood that correctly. Bestiality. Now that we know this, the responses on TikTok make a lot more sense.

Still, that doesn’t stop people on TikTok from showing themselves or their friends and family members disgusting images for popularity.

Why would you subject yourself to that? This is the question that needs to be answered.


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