Meet Ash Barty’s Husband: Expecting First Child With Garry Kissick!

Ashleigh Barty is an Australian tennis player who announced her retirement after winning the Australian Open last year. She told the public about her pregnancy on Instagram.

She posted a picture of her dog and a pair of baby shoes with the words, “2023 is going to be the best year yet. We’re so excited for our new adventure! Origi is already the protective big sister.” Kissick, who is her husband, also posted the news on his Instagram. He put: “Little Red, 2023.”

In the comments section of her post, sports stars and friends like runner Nedd Brockmann and tennis players Johanna Konta and Priscilla Hon congratulated Barty on her win.

Meet Ash Barty’s Husband: Expecting First Child With Garry Kissick!

In case you didn’t know, Ash Barty is currently married to Australian professional golfer Garry Kissick in a private ceremony. They have been dating since 2017. Barty first met Kissick in 2016, at the Brookwater Golf Club in Queensland, Australia. She shared a picture of her and her new husband on their wedding day in Queensland in a single post on Instagram on July 30, 2022. “Husband & Wife,” she wrote as the photo caption on her wedding day.

Since she’s retired, Barty has chosen to stay out of the spotlight so she can enjoy her personal life. Read on to learn more about Garry Kissick, Ash Barty’s husband, and their relationship.

An Inside Look Into Bart and Kissick’s Relationship

Barty and Kissick have been going strong for a few years. Kissick works at the Brookwater Golf Club, where they met for the first time in 2016. The tennis player was going to play a round of golf, but she didn’t know that her life was about to change forever. Barty and Kissick liked each other right away and started to hang out together.

But they didn’t tell anyone about their relationship until 2017 when Ash invited Gary to the Newcombe Awards, where she won Australia’s top tennis prize. Gary Kissick and Ash Barty are both from Queensland, Australia.

Meet Ash Barty’s Husband: Expecting First Child With Garry Kissick!

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Last year, when they got engaged, it was all over the news. At the time, Ash posted a picture of them on Instagram with the caption “Future Husband” and an emoji of a ring and a heart.

Barty has always said that Gary was a big part of her success as a tennis player. Barty talked to Vogue in January about her fiance and how much he meant to her.

“He’s the best person to be around if you want to take a break from tennis and have fun and laugh when you’re practicing… “I wouldn’t want to go on this adventure with anybody else,” she said.

Know About Garry Kissick

Garry Kissick is a PGA Trainee Professional at the Brookwater Golf & Country Club in Brisbane, Australia. He also plays golf. He’s 30 years old.

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According to his LinkedIn, he started working at the club more than ten years ago in golf operations and maintenance. He slowly moved up the corporate ladder until he became a PGA Trainee Professional in 2018, which is the job he still has today.

Garry can be found on Instagram at @gazlfc90. He has 11.4k followers there. He seems to be a fan of Liverpool Football Club because he has “You’ll Never Walk Alone #LFC” in his bio.


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