Bobby Lee And Khalyla Kuhn Breakup – Details!

Bobby Lee And Khalyla Kuhn Breakup - Details!

Bobby Lee, a comedian, and Khalyla Kuhn, co-host of the TigerBelly podcast, have ended their relationship. The pair informed listeners of their breakup on their shared show.

Bobby Lee appeared to assert that he did not harbor any resentments toward his ex-wife, despite the fact that coping with separations can be unpleasant. In the most recent episode of their podcast, Ep355: Bobby & Khalyla Break Up, he said:

“Oh god… It’s difficult. Okay, I just want to let everyone know that Khalyla and I are no longer dating. I want to state that Khalyla is my love and best friend. If there was a book about my life, she would be in at least four and possibly five of the chapters. She completely reimagined who I was and impacted my life in so many ways.

Bobby Lee And Khalyla Kuhn Breakup - Details!

The split was discussed on Khalyla Kuhn’s program Trash as well. She said in the most recent episode:

“No matter where I go, no matter where we go, the love is permanent, we never grew apart, we grew even closer, but regardless of how we chose to carry forward in this life as a couple, as merely close family, as a business partner, or in any other role… Because I really love him and I want to safeguard what we have for once in my life—something I wasn’t doing for a very long time—I simply don’t think I want to give away as much of it as I used to.”

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When Bobby Lee And Khalyla Kuhn First Meet?

Tinder was where Bobby Lee and Khalyla had their first conversation together. The actors have always been quite careful to protect their privacy, and throughout the years, they have only hinted at a select few aspects of their romantic partnership. It is generally accepted that the couple first began dating in 2013.

Additionally, the couple recently disclosed that they were in an open relationship. On the episode of Trash Tuesday, Khayla Kuhn said that she did not suggest having an open relationship.

Kuhn was charged with cheating on Lee in 2019 by using Brendan Schaub, an athlete. The comedian grew concerned when it was revealed that the two were exchanging text conversations. Reports further stated that Kuhn clarified the situation by assuring followers that they were merely discussing sports.

Kuhn was charged with being a gold-digger as well. The host of the program had earlier jokingly said that she wouldn’t date Lee if it weren’t for the money. Netizens were outraged by this, and she later posted an Instagram clarification of her remarks.

Fans thrilled about the couple’s continued long-lasting romance.

As a result, the surprise announcement left supporters feeling upset.

Bobby Lee And Khalyla Kuhn Breakup - Details!

After starting their own podcast and posting highlights of their relationship on social media, the now-ex-couple won over a large following. The two would frequently post images of one another on their individual Instagram accounts.

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Although the details of their breakup remain private, it is safe to say that followers of Bobby Lee and Khayla Kuhn were devastated by the news.

Some of the comments on the @defnoodles tabloid account’s news of the split stated how much they adored the duo together.

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