Know All About Bryan And Sarah Baeumler Divorce!

Know All About Bryan And Sarah Baeumler Divorce!

What do we know about the breakup between Bryan Baeumler and Sarah Baeumler? Renovation Island is a popular show on HGTV. If you love fixing up houses and like to see them treated like kings and queens, you may have seen it. The show is about the Baeumler family, who are working hard to build a resort in the Bahamas, which is their dream. The second season of the show started in June, and the family has gotten through all of the problems and come out stronger than ever.

While the Baeumler family works hard to make the big project happen, viewers have often seen the tension between Sarah and Bryan get worse. The Baeumlers have had some problems, and their relationship has been rough at times. Due to growing tensions and a lot of work pressure, it was hard for the two to talk to each other, and this led to rumors. Are they still together or did they break up?

Know All About Bryan And Sarah Baeumler Divorce!

Are They Still Together?

Bryan And Sarah Baeumler are still together. Even though they have fought a few times, their friendship is stronger than ever. Not only that, but they also showed their happy home. Sarah and Bryan got married on September 3, 2004, exactly three years after their first date. They have been lucky enough to have four children.

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Tabloids say that the couple made sure that the house they built is both comfortable and up-to-date and modern. It’s not only a great place to live, but it’s also a living business card that shows what amazing work their company is capable of doing. Bryan recently said that they are working on a good one, and he also said that they would keep running their other businesses as well as the hotel. The HGTV star also said that he and Sarah are launching their own brands.

Know All About Bryan And Sarah Baeumler Divorce!

About Sarah Baeumler Relationship With Bryan!

Aside from the big projects they are working on, people love to see how the couple comes up with new ideas for their house. Sarah had already said in a private interview that she and Bryan went to high school together. However, the two did not date all those years ago. Sarah was a freshman and Bryan was a senior at the time. Check out the newest episode of the popular show to see how the hosts show fans the new family villa.

Even though nothing happened between them in high school, fate had other plans. Nearly ten years later, they met again when a mutual friend copied them both on an email. They began writing each other emails and getting to know each other better. The two decided to get together for coffee to catch up and felt a connection right away. Bryan set up their first date together. The first thing they did together was go to a theater performance of The Lion King. After that, they went to a nice sushi restaurant for dinner.

Know All About Bryan And Sarah Baeumler Divorce!

The Second Season Of Renovation Island:

The second season of the popular HGTV show started in June of this year. In this brand-new season, the couple had to deal with new problems. During the show, the family went through a lot of ups and downs, like when they had to move their kids to South Andros Island. As the revocations were going on, viewers also saw the family of six living in a villa with only one bedroom.

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With so much done, people could see how the two of them clashed, and their fights soon got pretty heated. Even the Baeumlers said that all of these problems made it hard for them to talk to each other, which hurt their marriage. But they got stronger and got through it, and now they’re back with season 2! Now, we’re going to see how the ambitious couple makes their dream come true, since the resort is a very expensive business.

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