Charissa Thompson Is Dating Steven Cundari, Here's All You Need To Know

Charissa Thompson is one of the most well-liked and respected sportscasters of her generation.

From her time at ESPN to her new job at Amazon, she has shown that she is a great interviewer and a memorable personality.

Early this year, Charissa filed for a divorce. Over the past few months, people have said that she might be in a relationship with someone new. Let’s find out who the sportscaster is dating.

All You Need To Know About Charissa Thompson’s New Boyfriend Steven Cundari

Steven Cundari is Thompson’s new boyfriend. He is a marketing and advertising executive and business owner. He is best friends with Matthew Stafford, who is the fastest NFL player to reach 40,000 passing yards and is third all-time in passing yards per game.

Charissa Thompson Is Dating Steven Cundari, Here's All You Need To Know

Steve is a serial entrepreneur and marketing executive with over a decade of experience growing B2C brands. He is always looking for ways to fuel disruptive innovation to create new markets and value networks.

Steve is one of the people who started Summit House. Summit House is a full-service creative marketing and advertising agency that works with fast-growing and innovative businesses. Steve started a staffing company that placed more than 300 executives in the healthcare and IT fields. He also helped a tactical property management platform sell successfully, and Amazon bought it in early 2017.

Charissa Thompson Is Dating Steven Cundari, Here's All You Need To Know

Steven Cundari has done a lot to help brands figure out the strategies and processes they need to reach the next level of performance. His main areas of expertise are international expansion, strategic marketing, go-to-market brand strategy, and brand activation across multiple platforms. 


Cundari is also a former NCAA Division 1 college football player, Advisory Board Member for the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl, and one of The 30 most influential Atlantans under 30.

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Charissa Thompson Recalls Embarrassing Incident Between Her And Her Boyfriend Steven Cundari

Things between them seem to be going well, but Thompson talked about a recent awkward moment she and Cundari had.

Thompson said on her “Calm Down” podcast with Erin Andrews that Cundari asked to borrow a duffel bag when he went on a trip this week. Thompson did what she was asked, but she got scared when she thought she might have left something embarrassing in the bag.

“It’s fun and exciting to meet new people. But there are also some problems… Even more so when you’re trying to hide something or two, “She wrote about the meeting in an Instagram post.

Thompson did a secret search of the duffel, but all she found was $100 and nothing she didn’t want Cundari to see.

So far, the couple seems to be completely smitten with each other and they keep posting each other’s pics on their respective social media profiles.


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