Daniel Moshi Cause of Death: Did He Die Due To Vaccine?

Daniel Moshi Cause of Death: Did He Die Due To Vaccine?

A teenager from Illinois died when he passed out at a school near Chicago where he was practicing for a show choir event.

Daniel Moshi, who was 17, died Friday night after suddenly losing consciousness at Naperville North High School, according to WMAQ-TV, an NBC affiliate, and The Daily Herald.

ABC’s station WLS- TV says that the teen’s mother, Karolin Moshi, was told that her son “just passed out” while he was practicing a solo. She said, “He passed out,” and that’s all we know.

The Naperville Fire Department told the Herald that bystanders gave CPR to Moshi after he fell and before first responders arrived. Then, he was taken to Edwards Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead that same evening.

Daniel Moshi Cause of Death: Did He Die Due To Vaccine?

People heard from the DuPage County coroner’s office that they are looking into Moshi’s death. The coroner’s office said that an autopsy was done on Saturday, but the cause of death has not been made public yet.

Daniel Moshi’s Mother Says There Was Nothing Wrong With Her Son

Moshi’s mother told an NBC station that the coroner’s office told her that her son didn’t seem to have any problems.

Daniel’s father, Loden Moshi, told WLS-TV that the family is “devastated” and “shocked” by the teen’s death.

Daniel Moshi Cause of Death: Did He Die Due To Vaccine?

“He went to see Jesus. “I know about it,” said Karolin, his mother. “He’s singing. He loved to praise God through song.”

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Daniel Moshi Obituary: Emotional funeral held for Moshi

On Wednesday morning, a lot of people, including Daniel Moshi’s family, friends, and churchgoers, came to his funeral. It was a sad thing.

Moshi passed out on Friday while singing at Naperville North High School with the Illinois American Choral Directors Association’s All State Honor Show Choir.

The choir alto lead singer at St. Andrew’s Assyrian Church in Glenview liked the color blue, so many people at the funeral wore blue and held crumpled tissues in their hands. The Assyrian language was used for most of the service.

In English, Chorbishop George Toma said, “He used every second of his short life.” He told the people who were sad to follow Moshi’s lead and live fully. “We’ll see him again if God wills it.”

Daniel Moshi Cause of Death: Did He Die Due To Vaccine?

Toma said that Moshi wouldn’t be able to keep his voice quiet in heaven. Instead, he would keep singing as beautifully as he did when he was alive.

When people came to pay their respects, they saw a picture of Moshi smiling. At the front was a blue casket with a lot of flower wreaths and crosses on either side.

After the service on Wednesday, a group of teens carrying roses and blue balloons brought out the casket. Moshi’s friend walked around outside the church with a basket that said “Letters for Daniel.”

“We all want to write letters,” a mourner told her.

Did Daniel Moshi Die Due To Vaccine?

Even though there is no direct proof that the Covid Vaccine caused Daniel Moshi to die, that didn’t stop people who are against the Covid Vaccine from saying that Moshi died because he got the vaccine.

People who are against vaccines think that living a healthy life will boost their immunity, so they don’t think they need to get vaccinated. They think that the Covid vaccine is the government’s big plan to control the people.

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About two-thirds of American adults have had all of the vaccines that are recommended. Even though the number of COVID-19-related deaths in the United States is getting close to one million, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that most of the deaths are caused by people who are not vaccinated. The Kaiser Family Foundation says that almost 1 in 6 adults in the U.S. have said they “absolutely will not get the vaccine.”

Daniel Moshi was given an autopsy on Saturday, according to the coroner’s office, but the official cause of death has not been made public. But it is very unlikely that he died because he got a shot.

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