Dell Curry's New Girlfriend: Fans Unhappy With His Rumored New Girlfriend

Dell Curry has moved on, and it seems that Steph Curry has a new stepmother, causing social media outrage.

According to reports, Dell and his ex-wife Sonya charged each other of adultery during their divorce proceedings earlier this week. On Friday night, a year after filing for divorce, he was seen with a new girlfriend to see his son play in game 4 of the NBA finals. Dell Curry was seen congratulating his son Stephen Curry on his 43-point effort against the Boston Celtics before embracing a woman.

The Golden State Warriors defeated the Boston Celtics in Game 4 of the NBA Finals on Friday night. This occurred in Boston, where Stephen Curry put on a show in the fourth quarter. Curry scored 43 points, grabbed 10 rebounds, and dished out four assists to lead the Warriors to a 107-97 victory.

Curry’s father, Dell, attended the event as well. When the ABC camera panned to him in the crowd, he was accompanied by a woman. An older white woman in a Warriors blue shirt approached me.

In August of last year, Dell Curry and his wife, Sonya, divorced. They divorced after 33 years of marriage. Due to her beauty, Steph’s mother was a social media favorite. Dell Curry’s new girlfriend has drawn mixed opinions on social media, with many believing she falls short of Sonya’s beauty.

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The Golden State Warriors star’s parents have been often seen sitting together at games over the years. That is no longer the case, though.


Sonya Curry and Dell Curry are divorcing after 33 years of marriage. They both accused the other of being disloyal to their partners.

Steph is compelled to tell his parents about his experiences alone.

Dell Curry's New Girlfriend: Fans Unhappy With His Rumored New Girlfriend

“I had to make sure I was in that moment with both of them independently and this wasn’t just this whole kind of thing,” Curry said in an interview with The Ringer after breaking the 3-point barrier. “That’s how I’m going to do it,” she says, “because it’s going to be difficult.”

Hopefully, the Curry family will be able to celebrate yet another NBA championship later this month.

Game 5 of the NBA Finals will take place in San Francisco on Monday. The Warriors have only lost one game at home in these playoffs. That happened against the Celtics in Game 1 of the Finals, after they had a comfortable third-quarter lead.

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Dell Curry’s Net Worth

As a former professional basketball player in the United States, Dell Curry has an estimated net worth of $8 million. Dell’s sons are NBA MVP Steph Curry and NBA star Seth Curry.

He rose to prominence as a result of his outstanding basketball abilities, and he was a well-known NBA player (NBA). The Virginia Sports Hall of Fame has also honoured Dell.


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