‘Flash’ Star Ezra Miller Accused Of Grooming Teen Who Defends Him

‘Flash’ Star Ezra Miller Accused Of Grooming Teen Who Defends Him

Ezra Miller has been in the news a lot lately because of his recent arrests in Hawaii.

29-year-old Flash star’s legal woes have only just begun, as the parents of an 18-year-old girl called Tokata Iron Eyes have filed documents seeking a judge to issue an order of protection against the actor on behalf of their kid. He is accused of grooming a teen girl.

According to court filings obtained by People and TMZ, Chase Iron Eyes and Sara Jumping Eagle claim that Miller, who plays The Flash in the DC movies, acted improperly toward their daughter, 18-year-old activist Tokata Iron Eyes.

Miller, then 23, met Tokata at Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota in 2016, when their daughter was 12, according to documents filed in Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Court.

“To hold power over a young teenage Tokata, Ezra uses assault, intimidation, threat of violence, terror, psychosis, delusions, and drugs,” according to the document, which was obtained by numerous sites.

The 18-year-parents old’s allege the two met at the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota when their child was 12 years old.

‘Flash’ Star Ezra Miller Accused Of Grooming Teen Who Defends Him

Tokata is suspected of receiving beer, marijuana, and LSD from the actor, who is currently 29 years old. Tokata’s parents claim that after offering to pay for Tokata’s tuition at Bard College in Simon’s Rock, Massachusetts, they were forced to feel a debt to Miller.

According to reports, the young activist, who flew to London at the age of 14 to visit the “Fantastic Beasts” studio, also visited Miller’s home in Vermont, traveled to New York to meet him, and joined him in Los Angeles and Hawaii.

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Miller was placed under a protective order by Iron Eyes and Jumping Eagle. A hearing has been scheduled for July 12th. The actor is prohibited from contacting Tokata or their parents or coming within 100 yards of their home, but the court was unable to serve the order because the actor’s location, like Tokata’s, is unknown.

In an Instagram post, Tokata supported Miller.


“CONTEXT,” they said in a lengthy post, referring to Miller as a “comrade.” They claimed they had dropped out of college five months prior and were grieving the loss of a friend.

“Throughout this period of sorrow, Miller has only provided loving support and crucial protection,” they stated.

They termed the accusations against Miller “frankly transphobic” and “based on the premise that I am somehow incapable of rational reasoning or opposing opinions to those of my own kindred who are concerned about my well-being.”

‘Flash’ Star Ezra Miller Accused Of Grooming Teen Who Defends Him

Tokata claimed that in their family environment, they were subjected to psychological and emotional manipulation.

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Miller was arrested in Hawaii in March on charges of disorderly conduct and harassment after allegedly hurling obscenities at patrons of a karaoke bar, lunging at a guy, and stealing a microphone from a lady.

The actor pleaded no contest to the disorderly behavior allegation and was fined $500, according to the Hawaii Tribune-Herald in April. Miller had been arrested in Hawaii just hours before for reportedly hurling a chair at a woman.

Ezra Miller arrested in Hawaii again

According to Rolling Stone, after Miller’s first arrest in Hawaii, executives at DC and Warner Bros. placed the actor’s projects on hold.

In the “Fantastic Beasts” films, Miller plays Credence Barebone/Aurelius Dumbledore, including “Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore,” which was released in April. In the upcoming film “Dalland,” they play a young Salvador Dal.

“The Flash,” which has been postponed multiple times, is now set to hit theaters on June 23, 2023.

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