Everything You Need To Know About First Kill Season 2!

Everything You Need To Know About First Kill Season 2!

Even when things go well, it’s hard for teens to date. When you add in monsters, families at war, honor, and duty, it’s almost impossible to make something that will last. In the first season of First Kill, Juliette, a vampire, and Calliope, a hunter, got a hard blow.

But despite the positive response from a young, teen, or queer audience, Netflix has now confirmed that the series is the latest one to be cut from its returning lineup, which hit viewers like a stake to the heart.

So, what happened? Here’s all the information you need.

First Kill Season 2 Canceled?

First Kill was officially canceled on August 2, 2022, which was less than two months after the first episode. Deadline was the first to report the news, but the streaming service hasn’t said anything about it yet.

Soon after, cast members were quick to talk about how much they loved the show. Imani Lewis, who played Calliope, posted a photo on Instagram with the words “Forever honored. Forever grateful. All I could ever want is to know that so many of you have been moved by this show. Thank you for giving me the chance to show Cal so many of your beautiful truths.

“I hope I did you good. Until our next adventure… but you never forget your first.”

Sarah Catherine Hook, who played Juliette, also felt sad, but she posted a sweet message that said, “So many of you connecting with Juliette means more to me than words can say. We want to thank everyone who loved and helped our special show. I’ll always love you, Jules.”

Everything You Need To Know About First Kill Season 2!

The actor who plays Apollo, Dominic Goodman, also wrote on Twitter: “I have nothing but love for every single one of you who likes First Kill. Thank you all for making the show your own and making all the hard work and long hours worth it. until the next task.”

First Kill was never meant to be a limited series, judging by how many cliffhangers were left at the end of the first season. According to Variety, the decision to cancel the show came down to viewership more than anything else.

This year, Netflix has been especially cruel about announcing the end of shows or ending them early. By the time First Kill had its life sucked out, there were already a dozen more shows that had died.

There were science fiction shows like Another Life and The Babysitters’ Club, as well as comedies like Space Force.

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First Kill Season 2 Cast

If there had been a second season of First Kill, Sarah Catherine Hook and Imani Lewis would have probably come back as vampire Calliope and hunter Juliette.

Phillip Mullings Jr., who played Theo, a former hunter who turned into a vampire, would have been back when the hunt for him started, which means he would have probably been a big part of the second season.

Here’s who else was in the show:

• Gracie Dzienny as Elinor

• Dylan McNamara as Oliver

• Aubin Wise as Talia

Elizabeth Mitchell as Margot

• Will Swenson as Sebastian

• Jason Robert Moore as Jack

• Dominic Goodman as Apollo

• Walnette Marie Santiago as Carmen

• Jonas Dylan Allen as Ben Wheeler

Everything You Need To Know About First Kill Season 2!

First Kill Season 2 Plot

The end of the first season of “First Kill” left a lot of loose ends for the second season. For example, Calliope and Juliette’s relationship broke down after Juliette turned Cal’s brother Theo into a vampire instead of letting him die.

Cal’s vampire-hunting family is now determined to find and kill Theo, so he has no choice but to run away.

The creator, VE Schwab, had told Newsweek about their hopes for a second season: “Fingers crossed, I hope there will be a second season. People, there’s so much drama and so much we need to figure out. Like, Elinor (Juliette’s sister, played by Gracie Dzienny) is in jail, and oh god, what’s going to happen there? I mean, there’s just a lot to take care of.”

“I’m obviously very hopeful, because the last thing I’ll say is… I think what’s so cool, and one of the reasons I want a second season so badly, is that when you write the first season, you don’t write with the actors in mind,” she said.

Everything You Need To Know About First Kill Season 2!

“When we’re writing the first season, we don’t have a cast, but when we start the second season, we have a cast and can start to write the stories with the actors in mind, which I think is really cool.

As far as we know, the second season hadn’t even been written yet, but many of the actors already had ideas about what they wanted to happen.

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In the second season of First Kill, Dominic Goodman was eager to learn more about Apollo’s past. He told Hollywood Life, “Apollo has never lost. I think that’s why he thought he couldn’t be hurt, because he had never really lost anything.

“Because of this, he is so careless. That’s why he does things without thinking. On the other hand, Theo went through a traumatic loss when he was young, which explains why he’s so guarded, always thinks before he acts, and tries to keep me on my toes.”

First Kill Season 2 Trailer

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