Know About Hannah Ann’s Boyfriend And Their Relationship!

Hannah Ann Sluss is an American TV star who became known all over the country in 2020 when she won season 24 of The Bachelor, which starred Peter Weber. Sluss has been a model for a lot of her life. She’s been in many ads. She also tried beauty pageants. She was the first runner-up for Miss Tennessee in both 2015 and 2018. Plus, she was Miss North Knoxville.

Hannah came out publicly with her relationship with Jake Funk, a running back for the L.A. Rams, in February of last year. And in a new TikTok, Hannah Ann is talking about how they met and how they started dating.

Hannah Ann Tells How She Met Her Boyfriend Jake Funk For The First Time

“It was a TikTok love story,” Hannah Ann explained. We really did meet this way. I can remember it like it was yesterday. I put up a popular TikTok, and that got his attention. He started following me on TikTok, and then he wrote me a message. I made some Moscow mules when I got home from a girls’ night out. I was in bed, bored and alone, reading my direct messages (DMs) when Jake sent me one that said, “Shooter’s shoot.” I ended up saying back ‘Slam dunk.'”

Know About Hannah Ann’s Boyfriend And Their Relationship!

Jake was attracted to Hannah Ann at first, but she wasn’t sure if she felt the same way. The star of “The Bachelor Nation” said, “To be h onest, I was not interested in him at first. I never saw myself dating a blonde. I wouldn’t have believed you if you’d told me I’d end up with a blonde who is also younger than me. There’s nothing wrong with blondes, but they have never been my thing.”


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She said, “I ended up going on a date with him three days later after my friends begged me to go because I was nervous about going out with a stranger.”

Know More About Jake And Hannah’s relationship

As per US Magazine, the young couple has been together since the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022. “We met a few months ago, and when we did, we got along right away. Since then, we’ve been pretty much inseparable,” Sluss told Us in April 2022. “Just getting to know him and living with him and combining our lives has been very easy and smooth.

Jam wrote on Instagram on her birthday, “Happy birthday to that girl from East Tennessee! I thank God every day that he put us on the same path,” the athlete wrote on Instagram on Sluss’ 26th birthday. “I love you very much, and I hope your birthday is the best one yet.” At the 2022 ESPYs, they walked down the red carpet for the first time. Since then, they’ve gotten a puppy, whose name is Dash.

Know About Hannah Ann’s Boyfriend And Their Relationship!

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Meet Hannah Ann’s Boyfriend, Jake Funk

Jake Funk is a running back for the Indianapolis Colts in the National Football League. He was born on January 11th, 1998. He went to Maryland to play football at college. Since COVID-19 cut the 2020 season short, Maryland only played four games. On average, Funk ran for 129 yards per game. With an average of 8.6 yards per carry, he led the Big Ten Conference and was second among running backs in the Football Bowl Subdivision. The Los Angeles Rams picked Funk in the seventh round of the 2021 NFL Draft, and he won a Super Bowl with them in 2022.


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