Everything You Need To Know About ‘Archer’ Season 13!

Everything You Need To Know About 'Archer' Season 13!

FX networks own FXX, which is quickly becoming the best place to watch adult animated shows. The Simpsons, Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, and Solar Opposites are some of the shows they have right now. Archer is a show about Sterling Archer, the most dangerous spy in the world, and his coworkers at the International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS), a made-up intelligence agency based in New York. The show looks at Archer’s dysfunctional relationships with his mother, coworkers, missions, and other parts of his life.

Adam Reed thought up Archer for FX. Reed, along with Matt Thompson and Casey Willis, is also the show’s executive producer. On September 17, 2009, the first season started, and the show is about to start its 13th season. In this season, the gang will try to stay true to themselves after being bought by Fabian Kingsworth’s spy company, the International Intelligence Agency, or IIA.

Everything You Need To Know About 'Archer' Season 13!

Archer has been nominated for and won a number of awards over the years, including Primetime Emmy Awards, Critics’ Choice Awards, Annie Awards, and more. So, do you want to know more about Archer Season 13’s cast, plot, how to stream it, and more? So far, this is all we know.

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‘Archer’ Season 13 Cast

In Season 13, H. Jon Benjamin will do the voice of Archer again. Benjamin is best known for voicing characters in cartoons. He is currently Bob Belcher on the animated sitcom Bob’s Burgers and Carl on Family Guy. He has also been on shows like Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist, O’Grady, Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil, and Home Movies, which are all animated. Benjamin has also been in movies like “Martin & Orloff” (2002) and “A Bad Situationist” (2008), as well as on TV shows like “People of Earth” and “Master of None.”

In Archer Season 13, Aisha Tyler will do Lana Kane’s voice again. Tyler is best known for hosting the improv show Whose Line Is It Anyway? and for her recurring roles on shows like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Friends. Chris Parnell, who is known for voicing Jerry Smith on the animated science fiction show Rick and Morty, will be back to voice Cyril Figgis in Season 13 of Archer. Parnell is also known for his role on the TV show 30 Rock as Dr. Leo Spaceman.

Everything You Need To Know About 'Archer' Season 13!

Judy Greer will also be back to voice Cheryl/Carol Tunt, the crazy office worker. Greer has been in sitcoms like The Big Bang Theory, Arrested Development, and Two and a Half Men, so you might know her. Greer has also been in movies like Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014), Jurassic World (2015), Halloween (2018), and the Ant-Man movies. Amber Nash, who plays Pam Poovey, will also be back for Season 13. So will Lucky Yates, who plays Algernop Krieger, and Adam Reed, who plays Ray Gillette. This season, guest stars like Kenan Thompson from “Saturday Night Live,” Alison Pill from “Star Trek: Picard,” Christian Slater from “Mr. Robot,” Kayvan Novak from “What We Do in the Shadows,” and Stephen Tobolowsky will appear (Groundhog Day).

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Malory Archer’s voice actor, Jessica Walter, who passed away last year, won’t be back this season. In March 2021, Walter died. In the Season 12 finale, Malory wrote a goodbye letter to her son before retiring on the beach with her husband and Archer’s stepfather, Ron Cadillac. This was an emotional way for FX to say goodbye to her. Ron Cadillac was voiced by Ron Leibman, Malory’s real-life husband, who also died in 2019. In the last scene, they were holding hands and watching the sunset, which was a touching way to honor the actors who had died.

‘Archer’ Season 13 Trailer

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