Know More About PJmedia.Com Website Traffic, Ranking!

When it comes to SEO, one of the most important things is how many people visit a website. To get more people to visit your website, you need to know where they are coming from. This information can be found in many places, such as Google Analytics and other tracking tools from third parties. In this blog post, we’ll use as an example to show you how to get to and look at the traffic on your website. We will also give you tips on how to improve your website’s ranking and analytics so you can see exactly how well your website is doing.

About PJMedia Website Traffic

Alexa, a tool that looks at how many people visit websites, says that PJ Media is the 2,186th most visited website in the United States. Since President Trump was elected in November 2016, the site has been getting more and more visitors. Alexa tracks about 5 million websites, and PJ Media ranks 199th in terms of the number of unique visitors it gets each month.

Know More About PJmedia.Com Website Traffic, Ranking!

Over the past year, PJ Media’s website rank has also gone up. The “New York Times” put PJ Media at No. 116 on its list of the “500 Most Influential Websites” in October 2017. After Donald Trump was elected president, PJ Media moved up to No. 79 on this same list in March 2018.

Moz, a company that does analytics, says that PJ Media is one of the most active conservative websites online. According to their data, 88 percent of people who read to the end of an article on PJ Media left a comment, while the average for all conservative websites that Moz looked at was 66 percent. Also, 54 percent of people who read to the end of an article on PJ Media shared it on social media. This is more than the average of 37 percent for all conservative websites.


This level of participation shows that PJ Media readers like the content that makes them think and feel like they can share their opinions with others in a safe and supportive space.

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About Rankings

The conservative website PJ Media has been around since 2005. The website’s Alexa rank is 5,376 and it is thought that over 279,000 people visit it every day.

The website has news, opinions, and analyses about politics, the media, religion, and culture, among other things. PJ Media was bought by Hearst Corporation in December 2015.

Know More About PJmedia.Com Website Traffic, Ranking!

About Analytics

Ezra Levant started PJ Media in 2005. It is a news and opinion site that leans to the right of the center. The website gets about 1.5 million unique visitors a month, according to an estimate.

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Alexa Traffic Rank said that PJ Media was the 54th most visited site in the United States in 2016. People also say that the website has had an effect on both conservative politics and journalism.

Advertising is the main way that PJ Media makes money. In 2016, 98% of all income came from advertising.


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