Mama June’s New Boyfriend Gets Engaged To Another Woman

Mama June's New Boyfriend Gets Engaged To Another Woman

After learning that he got engaged to another woman behind her back, Mama June said falling in love with a 24-year-old was the “biggest” mistake she’d ever made.

June “Mama June” Shannon and Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson both found love during the June 10 episode of Mama June: Road To Redemption, but only Alana’s relationship survived the hour. But before we get to her young romance, let’s take a look at June’s drama from the previous week.

After their trip to Los Angeles together, June deserted Alana for her alleged new boyfriend, as fans are aware. June claimed she needed to assist a buddy in recovery, but everyone felt she was concealing a new affair. And they were correct – just days after Alana went home to her sister, Pumpkin, an article surfaced claiming that June had met a man named Jordan and was paying him a lot of money in exchange for things. June allegedly bought Jordan a $50,000 automobile, according to the article. What Alana, Pumpkin, and their sister, Jessica, were reading astounded them.

Mama June's New Boyfriend Gets Engaged To Another Woman

June had also vanished, and she hadn’t filmed in weeks. However, when she reappeared, she announced that she would go throughout the country, assisting one individual impacted by addiction in each state. It was a good notion, but it meant she’d have to leave Jordan, whom she disliked. Despite the fact that she declared her love for him on social media, she was still concerned about what he was up to when she wasn’t around — especially since he was silent for a few days. June quickly discovered that she had reason to be concerned because Jordan had become engaged to another lady while she was away. June later admitted that falling in love with Jordan was her “biggest” mistake. It’s unclear whether she regrets abandoning her family for this new “boy toy,” who quickly dumped her for another lady after coercing her into buying him expensive items.

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‘Mama June’ Sneak Peek: Pumpkin Is Furious That Mama June Spent $50,000 On Her New Man

Lauryn Shannon (Pumpkin) and Alana Thompson (Honey Boo Boo) have about had enough of Mama June. In this preview of Mama June: Road to Redemption’s June 10 episode, Pumpkin and Alana discover that Mama June has been squandering on her new boyfriend rather than caring for her family. Pumpkin’s rage is reasonable.

“If we can’t find Mama, the tabloids always can,” Pumpkin says. “And of course, it’s with another man. B*tch, where the f**k is my $50,000? ‘Cause I could really use it to take care of your kids.”

'Mama June' Sneak Peek: Pumpkin Is Furious That Mama June Spent $50,000 On Her New Man

Alana is concerned that in her future interview, she may be asked about the Mama June issue. Pumpkin advises her to just state “no comment.”

The idea that Mama June has invested $50,000 astounded Alana. The 16-year-old says, “That’s a lot of money.” “What is she doing?” Pumpkin wonders.

Pumpkin acknowledges that she trusts what the media says about her mother because they haven’t been proven wrong so far. “It makes me anxious,” Pumpkin adds, “since the last time she did something like this, she was on a drug binge.”

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Pumpkin has been looking after Alana for quite some time. A Georgia judge gave Pumpkin exclusive custody of Alana in early June 2022. Pumpkin must decide on visitation privileges. Every day, Mama June is allowed to call Alana. She will also be responsible for paying Pumpkin $800 every month in child support until Alana reaches the age of 18.

Meanwhile, when Pumpkin observed Alana putting on lipstick and attempting to look good before going to school, she admitted to having a “crush” on someone. Alana said it’s fine because she and the mystery boy are just crushing on one other right now, and Pumpkin reminded her that she can’t date anyone until she is 16, which she claimed was fine. Pumpkin, on the other hand, went behind Alana’s back and looked through her phone to see who she was pining on. Then she arranged up a meeting with the mystery boy to lay some ground rules and warn him not to hurt Alana. However, things did not proceed as planned. First, Alana’s “crush” was late for his meeting with Pumpkin, and then he started laughing in her face as she was chatting to him. However, their talk was cut short with a “to be continued…”, so we’ll have to wait until next week to discover what happened next.

Do you want to see some more drama? Mama June: Road To Redemption airs new episodes every Friday at 9 p.m. on WE tv.



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