Know About Matt Gaetz’s Wife Ginger Luckey

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) wrote to the Architect of the Capitol on Tuesday to ask why House Speaker candidate Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) was already in the Speaker’s office in the middle of an intraparty battle over the House’s top leadership position after a series of votes in the U.S. House of Representatives showed that McCarthy did not get enough votes to become the next House Speaker.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy is currently working in the Speaker of the House Office at the United States Capitol Building, as Gaetz wrote in the letter. This isn’t the first time he’s been in the news. The controversial Republican, who is 40 years old, officially confirmed his wedding on Twitter for 2021. He is currently being investigated for sex trafficking.

Know About Matt Gaetz’s Wife Ginger Luckey

In this post, we’ll talk about Matt Gaetz’s relationships and everything there is to know about his wife, Ginger Luckey.

All the Facts You Need to Know About Matt Gaetz’s Wife Ginger Luckey

U.S. Representative Matt Gaetz and his wife Ginger Luckey have been talked about a lot since they eloped to Southern California and got married in a small ceremony on Catalina Island in August. Vanity Fair says that former Rand Paul staffer Sergio Gor led the ceremony.

Given that an investigation is still going on into Gaetz’s alleged relationship with a 17-year-old girl, the news of their marriage came as a surprise. Ginger Luckey is a Harvard Business School Online student from Long Beach, California. The 26-year-old works for a company that focuses on making products made from plant-based materials last longer.

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Palmer Luckey, Ginger’s brother, is the founder of Oculus VR. Gaetz has called Luckey his “travel buddy,” and the two have certainly been living out of a suitcase since they got married.

The couple’s quick romance has sparked debate and discussion, especially since Gaetz is still being investigated. Even though there has been a lot of talk about them, they seem to be very much in love and determined to stay together. They have posted a bunch of happy photos of themselves as newlyweds on social media, with captions like “Sunday Mood” and “Happy #SaturdayMorning.” Gaetz even changed his Twitter bio to “happy husband.”


Some of Gaetz’s friends and family found it strange that he got engaged and married just a few months before federal agents took his iPhone in December. Luckey told the Daily Mail in December that the wedding would be between “now and 2024” and that the couple was “flexible” about the date.

Matt Gaetz Was Trolled About His Marriage

People started making fun of them right after they ran away together by posting news clips about the scandal that caught Gaetz. National Republicans like Sean Spicer have come to Gaetz’s defense, saying that it is “very cynical” to judge someone based on their personal life and family life. Gaetz has been ignored by his favorite TV station, Fox News. Instead, he has been speaking with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia and airing his own podcast.

Know About Matt Gaetz’s Wife Ginger Luckey

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He has also been using campaign money to pay a criminal defense lawyer, a public relations firm that specializes in crisis communications, and a consulting firm run by Roger Stone, who used to work for Trump. Matt Gaetz and Ginger Luckey don’t know what the future holds for them yet, but it’s clear that they are ready to face whatever comes their way together. Their relationship shows how strong love can be and shows us all that real love can win, even when things are hard.


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