An Inside Look Into Nikki Reed And Ian Somerhalder’s Whirlwind Love Life!

An Inside Look Into Nikki Reed And Ian Somerhalder’s Whirlwind Love Life!

On May 4, 2017, the Lost actor shared a stunning picture of himself kissing Reed’s growing baby belly on Instagram to reveal the pair was expecting their first child. “In my 38 years on the planet, I have never witnessed or experienced anything more potent or exquisite than this. I can’t think of anything more thrilling than this next chapter, therefore we wanted to let you know about it first,” he added. We wanted to enjoy this time with each other and our little one, who is growing up so fast…because that’s what kids do, they grow up so fast. This has been the most special period of our life, and we wanted to keep it between the three of us for as long as possible. But I just feel you, thus I know you. How can you love someone so deeply already? It’s the strongest feeling I’ve ever experienced, but that’s all I know. We have experienced a great deal of hardship together and have shared this body for a very long period. We can’t wait to meet you… Kind regards, Your parents

In August 2017, Reed revealed to Fit Pregnancy that she and Somerhalder intended to take a “month of silence” following the birth of their first child. You can’t get those first 30 days back, so we want to give them our complete attention. It’s just the three of us; there are no guests, and we’re shutting off our phones so no one will expect us to talk.

An Inside Look Into Nikki Reed And Ian Somerhalder’s Whirlwind Love Life!


The couple welcomed a girl they named Bodhi Soleli on July 25, 2017.


Somerhalder played the role of a devoted husband on January 7, 2018, at the Golden Globes by lugging Reed’s breast pump around. On her Instagram Story, the Twilight actress posted a photo of the Smallville star holding the product’s box. It takes a genuine man to carry your breast pump around all night in a “to go” box, Reed wrote in the photo’s description, adding slapping hands, praying hands, and a laughing-crying emoji.

On May 14, 2018, Somerhalder posted a flashback image of the Mini’s First Time actress holding her growing baby bump while she was naked on Instagram to express his gratitude to his wife on her first Mother’s Day. “I captured this magical individual with a smaller magical individual inside. Nicole, you are the warmth of the sun and the brilliance of the moon. He added a caption to the adorable picture, saying, “You are the ground I stand on and the air I breathe. How fortunate I am to witness you at your most powerful and natural as a mother.

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The pair vacationed at the Villa Del Palmar in Loreto, Mexico, in June 2018. While there, they practiced acroyoga, paddleboarding, and took long walks on the beach.


The happy pair exchanged meaningful comments on Instagram in April 2019 to commemorate their fourth wedding anniversary.

An Inside Look Into Nikki Reed And Ian Somerhalder’s Whirlwind Love Life!

“I’m utterly blown away by you,” the V Wars star wrote at the time. “Your grin is so pure and dazzling that it makes us all feel happy. To learn, discover, taste, laugh, fall in love, and raise our children, we have traveled the globe.

“Four years ago, we had no idea what we were getting into,” Reed wrote. We weren’t as knowledgeable as we believed we were about life or what it really takes to be someone else’s real-life spouse. We were just two young children that adored one another. We were in love and wanted to study all of these things together, but we had no idea how to grow as a couple at the time.


For Reed’s 32nd birthday in May 2020, Somerhalder wrote her a heartfelt birthday message. For juggling her work, being a mother, and being a wife, he described Reed as a “wonderful person” in the letter.

An Inside Look Into Nikki Reed And Ian Somerhalder’s Whirlwind Love Life!

“Nik. Where do I begin? You inspire me so much as a mother, business owner, daughter, sister, wife, and friend. You’re a BOSS at keeping everything organized. You’re the only person I know who can work a full-time job, run your own business, and maintain a number of other jobs in addition to devoting your time and effort to my crazy life work (foundation, etc.). The list continues, “The Louisianan uploaded many images and a note on Instagram. “Everything about you astounds me; you are simply magnificent. With your kindness and the way you love like no one else, you’ve taught me a lot. I’ve spent years traveling the globe developing businesses and attempting to improve the world through philanthropy. and you have supported me at every turn. I couldn’t have accomplished this without you, and I promise it will all be worthwhile shortly. YOU have inspired optimism in me and been a tremendous source of knowledge and fortitude. I’m really appreciative of you. You amazing person, I know that this hasn’t been easy for you. Then he continued, “You are a rebel, a force, and a source of inspiration. You’ve given me a lot of opportunity to grow and dream, and now it’s your turn. I can’t wait to celebrate you today and every day.

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Somerhalder expressed his affection for his wife and their upcoming romantic camping trip to mark their seventh wedding anniversary. It is a particularly special time because this is a significant anniversary. This dates back around seven years. It’s been awhile, “he told E! in March 2022. news regarding his escape intentions. “Only my honey and I are traveling to an extremely secretive, badass location, where we will spend some time alone before returning.”

An Inside Look Into Nikki Reed And Ian Somerhalder’s Whirlwind Love Life!

The actor continued by commending Reed’s capacity for survival and declaring, “I have never met someone with greater ideas. We have enough knowledge and abilities to survive on an island for all time, in my opinion. If you abandoned us on an island, we would be alright.

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