Snapchat Pixy Drone - All You Need To Know!

Snap’s newest product, called Snapchat Pixy, was just released to the public. It is a little, camera-equipped flying drone that can be carried around in your pocket. Because it is intended to fit on the user’s palm, the device is relatively small. It adds a creative viewpoint to photographs and films shot while floating in the air, which could prove to be quite helpful for content providers on the site. Continue reading to find out more information about the Snapchat Pixy flying camera.

According to what is said in Snap’s official release, the company “originally launched Snapchat as a novel method to use the camera for self-expression and communion.” To further elaborate on this, the business claims “There are so many different ways to communicate your point of view, from lenses to spectacles and everything in between. We are bringing the power and magic of the Snap Camera to a whole new level today. Pixy is here to introduce herself as your helpful flying camera. It’s a free-flying companion that fits in your pocket and can accompany you on any kind of trip, no matter how big or how small.”

Snap Pixy is a handheld flying camera that gives users the ability to produce Snaps from a fresh vantage point. Pixy allows users to take unique third-person images and video graphs as the flying camera hovers near the user and records footage. These photographs and video graphs can be saved to the user’s device. There is no requirement for a controller or any other supplementary equipment in order for the user to be able to float, orbit, and have Pixy follow them about. Pixy will appear in the user’s hands as soon as the process of forming memories has been completed.


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Snap claims that videos captured by Pixy can be wirelessly downloaded and saved into Snapchat Memories in the official press release that was issued by the company. Once there, users can select a video to modify using Snapchat’s Lenses and Sounds editing tools. This will allow them to achieve the desired results. Snap has announced that users will soon have the ability to clip the footage into a portrait orientation and apply filters to it as well. This will prepare the content for sharing on any social media platform, including Stories and Spotlight. It is possible that the regulations around drones that are in place in India are the reason why Snap has not yet released the Pixy flying camera in that country.

Snapchat Pixy Drone - All You Need To Know!

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According to Snap, Pixy will cost $299.99 in France and the United States while supplies last. However, the flying camera itself is offered for $229.99 on the website intended for the purchase of the item. Additionally, the Pixy Flight Pack, which costs $249.99, is required for those who want it with two batteries and a twin battery charger. It’s vital to remember that a single battery costs $19.99 and the twin battery charger costs $49.99 individually.


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