Virgin River Season 4 – Details!

Virgin River Season 4 - Details!

The love drama Virgin River’s fourth season has been highly anticipated by fans after season three left them with many unresolved issues and an agonizing cliffhanger.

Finally, the show is coming back to Netflix in July 2022, and fans are naturally excited to watch the new episodes to find out what lies ahead for Mel, Jack, and the people of Virgin River.

Virgin River has already received a fifth season renewal from Netflix.

Soon after season 3’s numerous heartbreaking cliffhangers, the streaming service announced in September 2021 that it had renewed the show for seasons 4 and 5.

Virgin River Season 4 - Details!

What’s On Netflix reports that season 5 has just begun filming in Vancouver and will have 12 episodes, just like the most recent installment.

It’s obvious that Netflix believes in the love drama, but the early renewal does imply that viewers will likely be left with another agonizing cliffhanger at the conclusion of season 4.

But how many episodes are in Virgin River season 4 and is there a plan for the show after this current episode?

Release Date Of Virgin River Season 4

On July 20, 2022, Virgin River’s fourth season will be available on Netflix.

The new season is going to start off on a positive note since Mel is excited about the possibility of becoming a mother for real, despite not knowing if her child is Jack’s or her late husband Mark’s.

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Jack is happy for Mel and happy to be a part of her pregnancy, but he can’t help but be bothered by the paternity of the child.


The appearance of a charming new doctor who is looking to start a family of his own complicates things even further.

Virgin River Season 4 - Details!

Hope is still recovering from her automobile accident, but the psychological scars left by her brain injury are still present and will have a significant impact on both her and Doc.

Brie had planned to leave Virgin River, but after Brady got into trouble in the season 3 finale, she decided to stay a little longer to support Brady in establishing his innocence, even though doing so brings her closer to Mike and Calvin’s criminal network.

Finally, Preacher wants to go forward with a new romantic relationship but still holds out hope for finding Paige and Christopher.

Total Episodes In Virgin River Season 4

Virgin River’s fourth season will have 12 episodes.

Virgin River Season 4 - Details!

Because the previous seasons only had ten chapters apiece, longtime viewers of the series will note that season 4 is now the longest Virgin River installment.

Virgin River fans won’t have to wait each week for new episodes because season 4’s 12 episodes, like those of other Netflix shows, will be released all at once.

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Fans who want to start watching the new season right now can do so starting at midnight Pacific Time in the US, which is equivalent to:

  • 12am PT in the US
  • 3am ET in the US
  • 8am BST in the UK
  • 9am CEST in Europe
  • 12.30pm IST in India
  • 5pm AEST in Sydney, Australia


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