What Is The Right Stuff Dating App? Everything You Need To Know!

There is a dating app for everyone these days, including farmers, gay people, parents, and even goths. Another one wants to help you find “Mr. or Mrs. Right,” which means a partner who is conservative or leans to the right.

You did read that correctly. The Right Stuff is a new dating app that only conservatives can use.

Johnny McEntee, who used to be Trump’s bodyguard and wanted to set people up, made the Right Stuff dating app. He asked Kayleigh McEnany to help launch the app. She is the sister of the former White House press secretary.

But this new dating app for Trump supporters is already getting a lot of rejections. It is backed by Peter Thiel, a tech billionaire and co-founder of PayPal who is on the right.

Let’s look at what this Republican dating app is all about and why it turns women off so much that they don’t want to sign up. Get ready for a detailed look at The Right Stuff, a dating app, so you can decide if it’s for you.

What Is The Right Stuff Dating App And How Does It Work?

As you might have guessed, “The Right Stuff” is a dating app for people on the right, especially young conservatives.

The main selling point of the Right Stuff app is that it is only for “ladies and gentlemen”; users can’t add pronouns to their profiles.

The website says that you have to be invited to use the app, which means that not everyone can use it right away. Users can ask their friends to join, but it’s not clear how the approval process works. The app is free to use, but when women invite their friends to join, they are automatically moved to a paid plan.

Men will have to pay $9.99 a month if they want to use the premium features. You can like more profiles and get into special events if you pay for a membership.

When a user gets an invite to join the app, the first thing they will do is set up their profile. Adding pictures and answering questions based on one of the many prompts is part of this. “Alexa, change the” and “What’s your favorite liberal lie?” are two examples.

Once their profile is done, users can look at other profiles in their area or “everywhere.” People can also send messages to people who have liked them back. This is done through a section of the app.

Once a user has “liked” one or more profiles, they can click “Create a Date” on the app. This includes a place, date, and time, as well as a description of the user’s ideal date. The date can be seen by everyone on the app or only the people whose profiles the user has already liked. Users can respond to the date by tapping “I’m interested” to start a conversation.

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Republican Women Who Work On Capitol Hill Are Hesitant To Join The Right Stuff Dating App

A Daily Beast article says that some Republican women on Capitol Hill aren’t sure if they want to sign up for The Right Stuff, an app for conservatives who want to find love.

The people who made the app have been reaching out to conservative women in D.C. and giving them early access to it before it comes out this month.

Ryann McEnany led the outreach. She is the sister of Kayleigh McEnany, who used to be the press secretary at the White House. She sent direct messages to GOP staffers on Instagram.

What Is The Right Stuff Dating App? Everything You Need To Know!

In the messages that were looked at by the news organization, McEnany wrote, “Hi. I’m helping John McEntee’s team make The Right Stuff, a dating app for conservatives that should come out this summer. We’d love to add you to the list of people who can get the app early.”

But two Republican Hill staffers who spoke anonymously to The Daily Beast said that many people who got the message just ignored it and made jokes about it among themselves.

The Right Stuff Is Already Facing Legal Issues

Even though the new company wants to hire women who work on Capitol Hill and politicians who lean to the right, it is already having trouble.


One thing is that The Right Stuff is going to court with another dating service that has the same name.

It’s been more than 20 years since “The Right Stuff” came out, but it has nothing to do with conservative politics.

Michael Feigin, a lawyer working on the case, said that the company plans to send a letter to the Thiel-backed operation telling it to stop. He said, “The current dating service is for people with more education, and since many of them are left-wing, they don’t like the confusion.”

What Is The Right Stuff Dating App? Everything You Need To Know!

Dawne Touchings, who made the first The Right Stuff dating app, told The Daily Beast that she owns the trademark for the “same name” that the conservative dating app is using. She said, “They could pick from a lot of great right-wing names.” “They’re smart, so I’m sure they could come up with something!”

Touchings then said, “I have a lawyer, and he is in touch with them.” “That’s what the name of my business is.”

The Daily Beast found out on its own that a trademark application had been made for the name, but it couldn’t find out if the application had been approved.

Gays And Other Members Of LGBTQ Community Won’t Be Allowed On The Right Stuff Dating App

Other arguments have been made about The Right Stuff. When a promotional video led by McEnany came out in August, the project was made fun of on Twitter because it was so focused on making a safe space for right-wing dating where pronouns were not used.

What Is The Right Stuff Dating App? Everything You Need To Know!

At first, the app would focus on straight relationships, but it could eventually include same-sex couples as well. Huff, who was also one of the founders, told The Hill in August that.

People say that at first, the invite-only app will only let straight people meet straight people. Since Thiel is gay, the LGBTQ+ website “Them” pointed out that he is funding something that he wouldn’t be able to use himself. We don’t know yet if the app will be a hit. Other right-leaning startups like Truth Social, Righter, and AlignPay have not been able to fully compete with their mainstream counterparts.

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A Large Number Of People Are Skeptical About The Right Stuff And Think It Is Not For Them

There have been other things that have caused doubt. A Republican staffer told The Daily Beast, “It seems like it could be easy for people to troll.”

There are more reasons to doubt. “I think it might be easy for people to troll,” a Republican staff member told The Daily Beast.

She also asked why The Right Stuff was made in the first place. “Most dating apps have singles who are conservative. She said that you can use a filter to find it. Apps like Bumble that have been around for a long time and are well-known let their users skip potential matches based on their political views.

Others have been worried about limiting the number of people they could date.

A reporter for a conservative newspaper in Washington, D.C., said, “I don’t really want the world where I work to know who I’m dating.”

The same reporter who said that dating apps seemed to go against “traditional” conservatism also talked to the people who watch The Right Stuff. She said that the internet seems to stop biological tendencies, like men looking for women. This is different from when Alexa tells you the weather. You can’t change the way things happen in nature and call it normal.

So, that’s a fair look at what “The Right Stuff” dating app is all about. Now that you have more information, you should be able to make a good choice.


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