Who Is Dak Prescott Dating? Relationship Info!

Who Is Dak Prescott Dating? Relationship Info!

Dak Prescott is the Dallas Cowboys quarterback. His stage name is “Dak Prescott,” but his real name is “Rayne Dakota Prescott.” He was born in the United States in Sulphur, Louisiana, on July 29, 1993. His dad is Nathaniel Prescott, and his mom is Peggy Prescott. Natalie Prescott-Smith, Jace Prescott, Tad Prescott, and Elliott Prescott are his brothers and sisters.

He played football for the Mississippi State Bulldogs in college. Prescott holds a number of first-year quarterback records. He was named 2016 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year by the Associated Press. He has also been picked twice for the Pro Bowl. His career pass score of 97.3 places him in fourth place all time. The 2017 NCAA Today’s Top 10 Award went to him. He had 29 touchdowns and 3,793 yards passing. He also scored 10 touchdowns on the ground that season.

Who Is Dak Prescott Dating? Relationship Info!

During his last game with Tampa Bay, he badly hurt his hand. Jerry Jones, who owns the Dallas Cowboys, told reporters after the game that Prescott needs surgery on a joint above his thumb on his throwing hand. He also said that Dak would be out for a long time and will miss several weeks.

Fans want to know who is always with him throughout his rough and difficult times. In July 2020, Dak Prescott started dating Natalie Buffett. In this article, we’ll tell you about his girlfriend.

Who Is Dak Prescott’s Girlfriend, Natalie Buffet?

Natalie Buffett is 24 years old and works as a model and has a lot of followers on social media. Since July 2020, she has been seen with Dak. She has more than 78,300 people following her on Instagram now.

Natalie is from Florida. She studied civil engineering at Southern Methodist University. Now, she posts on social media about living a healthy, carefree life while watching her boyfriend, Dak Prescott, play football.

Who Is Dak Prescott Dating? Relationship Info!

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Natalie posted a picture of herself with her boyfriend on February 12, 2022, with the caption “The best date.”

Most of what we know about Prescott’s personal life comes from what Natalie posts on her social media accounts. It is also said that the two of them got engaged in 2021. People on the Internet noticed a ring on her finger, which is usually only seen on people who are engaged when the two posed for a picture on the beach. Natalie Buffett and Dak Prescott haven’t said if they’re engaged or not, and it’s not clear when they started dating.

When Did Dak And Natalie Meet?

No one is sure when Dak and Natalie started dating, but in July 2020, their relationship was made public. But people said they had been together for months before that.

Natalie posted a picture of her and Dak on July 29 to wish Dak a happy 28th birthday.

Who Is Dak Prescott Dating? Relationship Info!

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The words “Happy birthday, my love!” are written under the picture. I’m so proud of all you’ve done and gotten through in the past year. I love being a part of your crazy life, and I know you’ll do great things in your 28th year. You’re my cowboy, travel buddy, dog daddy, and best friend. I love you! ”

In response, Dak wrote, “I love you, babe! Thank you so much for making so many memories. 🥂”

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