Who Is Honey J’s Boyfriend? She’s Going To Marry Her Mystery Man Soon!

Who Is Honey J's Boyfriend? She's Going To Marry Her Mystery Man Soon!

Honey J is a South Korean hip-hop dancer, choreographer, leader of the hip-hop dance crew Holy Bang, and a former member of the Korean all-girl dance troupe Purplow.

She is on Jay Park’s new label, “More Vision.” On September 16, 2022, she told everyone she is soon going to get married and also expecting a baby but she didn’t revealed the identity of her man.

The public was excited about the reveal because they didn’t know anything about the choreographer’s future husband. Now, they are more interested to know who is her secret boyfriend and when she’s going to get married. In this article, we’ll explore throughout all the details you need to know about Honey J’s personal life.

Know About Honey J’s Mysterious Boyfriend

On September 22, 2022, SPOTV News revealed that Honey J boyfriend is a 25-year-old model who will soon start his acting career. The age difference between the two is 10 years. Her boyfriend is 10 years younger than her.

Who Is Honey J's Boyfriend? She's Going To Marry Her Mystery Man Soon!

According to the reports, the dancer’s mysterious boyfriend is described as a thoughtful individual who understands her and boosts her energy.

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One Reddit user said, “I’m assuming he’s a regular guy who prefers to be private that we should all respect, unless she asks him if he’s okay that his face is shown publicly in like TV shows.”

However, nothing is known about him. We would update you when any of the information about him emerge.

Who Is Honey J's Boyfriend? She's Going To Marry Her Mystery Man Soon!

Honey J Revealed Her Upcoming Marriage And Pregnancy Via Instagram

In many of her interviews, Honey J said that she really wants to get married and now the wedding bells are about to ring. On September 15, Honey J posted a photo on her Instagram to made an announcement of her marriage and pregnancy.

She wrote the caption, “Hello, this is Honey Jay. I’m a little nervous because I’m not used to posting long articles on this space. But I’m posting carefully, I want to share the joy I’ve had recently with you and share it with you. I, who valued love more than anything, met the person who made me want to dream of a future together and promised me a lifetime of love. Always putting me first and caring and loving I try to be that person for him. I’m going to post a wedding before the end of the year and walk together one step at a time towards the future. I hope you encourage me in the future with my honey who makes me happier than anyone else when I’m with you. We will live together for a long time.”

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“And one more good news to deliver. A new life came for both of us not long ago. I’m going to greet this precious and small life, who taught me what joy cannot be expressed in words, with love and sincerity. Even as I write this, my heart-felt joy and responsibility intersect. I am truly happy to share this news with all of you who sent your interest and love to learn gratitude every day. As your unchanging postcards, I will always remember and repay this heart and live beautifully. Much blessings and support please. Thank you!”

Congratulations to Honey J for her upcoming marriage and baby!

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