Who Is Nicky Jam’s Girlfriend? Inside His Dating History!

Who Is Nicky Jam’s Girlfriend? Inside His Dating History!

American singer and songwriter Nick Rivera Caminero goes by the name “Nicky Jam” in the music world.

His mother is from the Dominican Republic and his father is from Puerto Rico. He liked urban music as early as 10 years old, when he and his friends made up raps and songs on the spot. Later, he moved his whole family to Catao, Puerto Rico, where Nicky got a job as a packer in a grocery store to help pay for the family.

In 1992, he started to rap and make up songs on the spot while he was at work. This caught the attention of people in the grocery store. The wife of a recording director from Puerto Rico was one of these customers. The singer was given the Billboard Hall of Fame Award not long ago.

The singer seems to be single right now. Read the article to learn more about relationships you’ve had in the past.

Nicky Jam Dating Rumors With Grecia Viloria

In April 2022, there were a lot of dating rumors on the internet. Grecia Viloria is a Columbian model. There is evidence on social media that an urban artist took a picture of the Colombian woman at a concert. Everything was fine up until that point, but when they were reportedly standing very close to each other behind the stage, something strange happened.

Who Is Nicky Jam’s Girlfriend? Inside His Dating History!

But in May, Grecia said that the rumours were not true. She said, “Nothing, zero, zero, that is, that rumour was nothing. Look, when they asked me, the only thing I said was, “Well, we share as at the moment because it is seen in the story.”

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All About Nicky Jam’s Dating History:

Angélica Cruz

Angelica Cruz was Nicky’s first girl friend. In a private Catholic ceremony in Medelln in February 2017, he married Angélica Cruz, the woman he had been seeing for two years.

Who Is Nicky Jam’s Girlfriend? Inside His Dating History!

Gente de Zona, a reggaeton band, and Jerry Rivera, a salsa singer, both played at the wedding, which J Balvin and Vin Diesel also attended. The couple asked for a divorce in August 2018, saying that they couldn’t get along.

Cydney Moreau

In 2019, Nicky and Cydney began dating. A year later, on February 14, 2020, they said “I do.” But the singer shared a picture of himself alone on Valentine’s Day the following year. When asked why they broke up, he didn’t want to say anything bad about his ex-girlfriend. “The reason I don’t talk about it more is because I respect my ex-girlfriend.”

He also said, “I don’t like to talk about someone when they can’t defend themselves, and I love and respect my ex-girlfriend a lot.”

Who Is Nicky Jam’s Girlfriend? Inside His Dating History!

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Genesis Aleska

Nicky told everyone in September 2021 that he is dating a Venezuelan model named Genesis Aleska. The model Genesis Aleska and the singer showed off their love on social networking sites. They even told everyone that they had gotten matching tattoos as a sign of their love and to show that they were committed to each other.

During an interview with the YouTube channel “Moluscotv” in April, the singer said that he is not in a relationship at the moment. When asked if he would be willing to try love again, he said yes.


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