Who Is Tanya Burr’s Boyfriend? YouTube Star Reveals She’s Expecting Her First Child

Who Is Tanya Burr's Boyfriend? YouTube Star Reveals She's Expecting Her First Child

Tanya Burr is an English YouTuber and actress. In 2009, she started posting videos about makeup and fashion on her channel. Burr decided to become an actor in 2017. Since then, he has had guest roles in TV shows like Bulletproof and Holby City, as well as in the 2021 movie Twist.

In terms of her success as a YouTuber, Tanya Burr has shown that she can keep going. By keeping a loyal fan base on the platform for more than a decade, Tanya’s career has exploded to include legitimate acting roles and a wide range of other high-profile careers.

However, the actress recently made a major announcement in that regard, revealing that she is now expecting a child, and fans are eager for all the information. So, who is Tanya currently dating?

Who is Tanya Burr dating?

Tanya Burr is dating a mysterious man. When it comes to her new love interest, Tanya has shown glimpses of him on social media, but she hasn’t revealed his identity. For an interview with The Telegraph that premiered in 2021, the singer discussed why she decided to make such a dramatic shift in how she portrays her love life.

“I overshared at the beginning of my online career without realizing the impact,” the star said to the magazine at the time. “I’ve been very private for a few years now, and my audience has become accustomed to it, so they don’t anticipate anything.”

“It’s quite exciting,” Tanya said, adding, “I’m very happy.” Afterwards, she described falling in love once more as “the most delightful thing in the world.”

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‘I’ve been quite private for a few years now, and my audience has become used to it, so they don’t anticipate anything.’

She married fellow YouTuber Jim Chapman in 2015, and the couple gained fame as “Mr. and Mrs. YouTube” because of their collaborative videos.

Who Is Tanya Burr's Boyfriend? YouTube Star Reveals She's Expecting Her First Child

Tanya and Jim divorced in March of 2019, which caused Tanya to rethink her attitude toward romance.

“Ooh, have you heard so-and-so and so-and-so have split?” she said. People do things like this. They think, “Let me look that up.”

‘I don’t have any grudges against anyone.’ People are merely acting in their natural capacities. It’s a difficult and unpleasant situation. Never again will I google myself.

‘It’s dull – he’s still my best buddy — all that matters is what Jim and I think. People will expect some drama from us after 12 years of friendship. ‘Hopefully, we’ll always be present in one other’s lives.’

Tanya Burr expecting her first baby with mystery man

Tanya Burr has confirmed that she is expecting her first child.

On Tuesday, the 33-year-old YouTuber announced the happy news on Instagram, releasing a black-and-white photo of her growing baby bump, which she and her unknown partner held.

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‘We love you so much already little [peanut],’ the Twist actress captioned the photo.

Tanya did not reveal the father’s identity, despite previously promising to keep her partner’s name a secret because she thought she had ‘overshared’ during her meteoric rise to prominence.

Tanya is now keeping her official due date as well as the identity of her current boyfriend under wraps.



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