Why Did Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes Really Divorce? Complete Info!

Why Did Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes Really Divorce? Complete Info!

After six years of marriage, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes made the decision in 2012 to publicly declare that they would be divorcing one other. According to Ranker, the news of the high-profile couple’s breakup caused shockwaves to go throughout Hollywood and prompted a surge of rumors and speculation over the reasons why the couple chose to part ways. If this is the case, then why did Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes actually end up divorcing?

According to a story from Extra, Cruise and Holmes started dating in the year 2005. The former “Dawson’s Creek” star announced in June of that year that she was converting to Scientology and that she and Tom Cruise were engaged. She made the announcement. After another four months, in October 2005, Holmes revealed that she was expecting her first child and that she was pregnant. The couple welcomed their daughter Suri into the world in April of 2006, and seven months later, they tied the knot in a traditional Italian wedding ceremony.

Why Did Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes Really Divorce? Complete Info!

According to bio, both Holmes and Cruise have chosen to maintain their silence over the specific reasons that led to their decision to divorce. On the other hand, the actor best known for his role in “Mission Impossible” has admitted in the past that he “didn’t expect” his wife to file for divorce in the summer of 2012. There are a lot of theories surrounding Holmes’ choice to bail out of the marriage, despite the fact that neither party has provided an official explanation for why the highly publicized separation took place.

Tom Cruise has in the past provided evidence to support a persistent rumor regarding his divorce.

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The idea that Katie Holmes sought to disassociate herself and her daughter Suri from any connection with the Church of Scientology is the one that circulates the most frequently in connection with the breakup of the couple’s relationship. According to InStyle, Tom Cruise himself attempted to lend credence to this hypothesis by stating that one of the reasons his ex-wife filed for divorce came down to the contentious religion itself. This admission was made in response to a question about whether or not Cruise himself was a Christian.

In the course of a deposition for Tom Cruise’s defamation case against Bauer media, the actor was questioned by an attorney about whether or not Holmes had divorced him “in part to shield Suri from the influence of Scientology,” to which Cruise afterwards replied, “Did she say that? Certainly, that was one of the allegations that was made ” (via HuffPost).

Why Did Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes Really Divorce? Complete Info!

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In the deposition that took place in 2013, Tom Cruise disclosed the fact that his daughter Suri, who was only 7 years old at the time, was no longer an active member of the Church of Scientology. This particular revelation came as a shock to a great number of people, and the primary reason for this is that individuals who leave the Church are labeled as “Suppressive Persons,” and they are eventually severed from all relationships with other members of the church. This includes their own immediate family members.

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