Who Is Donna Mills' Husband? Meet Her Partner Larry Gilman

Donna Mills is an iconic American actress known for her impressive television and film career. Born on December 11, 1940, as Donna Jean Miller, she embarked on her journey in the television industry in 1966, gaining recognition with a recurring role in The Secret Storm. Simultaneously, she graced Broadway with her talent in Woody Allen’s comedy, Don’t Drink the Water. Donna Mills’ career soared even higher with her appearance in The Incident in 1967 and her three-year stint on the soap opera Love is a Many Splendored Thing.

has not only left her mark on the entertainment industry but has also captured the attention of the media with her intriguing personal life. Despite not being married, Mills has enjoyed a decades-long relationship with Larry Gilman, an actor, producer, and communications consultant. In this article, we delve into the fascinating story of Donna Mills’ partner, Larry Gilman, their decision not to marry, and the joys of becoming a mother in her 50s.

The Enigmatic Love Story Of Donna Mills And Larry Gilman

While Donna Mills’ career has captivated audiences, her personal life has also been a subject of fascination. Despite her many admirers, she decided to dedicate herself to a partner who understands and respects her independence—Larry Gilman. The duo first crossed paths in 2001 and embarked on a loving relationship that has endured for over two decades.

Who Is Donna Mills' Husband? Meet Her Partner Larry Gilman

Contrary to conventional norms, Donna Mills and Larry Gilman have chosen not to get married. Mills openly shared that, by the time they met, both of them were already established individuals, making combining their lives, including finances, a complex endeavor. Instead, they decided to maintain separate finances while cherishing their emotional bond. In an interview with The Daily Beast, Mills expressed her admiration for Gilman, highlighting how he has been a kind and supportive presence in her life. Their decision to stay unmarried has proved to be a source of strength for their relationship, allowing them to retain their individuality while enjoying a deep connection.

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Know About Donna Mills’ Unique Journey To Motherhood

Another facet of Donna Mills’ life that has intrigued many is her decision to become a mother later in life. At the age of 54, she welcomed her daughter Chloe

into her life through adoption. Mills had been focused on her career, but she began to feel that something was missing—an unfulfilled desire to experience motherhood.

Who Is Donna Mills' Husband? Meet Her Partner Larry Gilman

Despite societal norms and doubts from others due to her age, Mills remained resolute in her decision. She believed she was capable of providing a loving and nurturing environment for a child, regardless of her age. Adopting Chloe, who was just four days old at the time, brought immense joy and fulfillment into Mills’ life. She embraced motherhood wholeheartedly and devoted herself to raising her daughter with love and care.

Mills’ journey as a single mother was not without challenges, but she never regretted her decision. In fact, she used her experience to encourage other women not to fear becoming mothers later in life, proving that age should not be a barrier to parenthood.

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Meet Larry Gilman: A Multi-Talented Individual

As we explore the life of Donna Mills’ partner, Larry Gilman, it becomes evident that he is an accomplished individual in his own right. Born on April 3, 1950, Gilman is a native of New York, USA. With a thriving career as an actor and producer, he has graced both television and film productions, leaving his mark in projects like “Final Destination” and “Three on a Match.”

Who Is Donna Mills' Husband? Meet Her Partner Larry Gilman

Beyond his work in the entertainment industry, Gilman is also a communications consultant with CommCore Inc., where he collaborates with Fortune 500 organizations and startups. With over 27 years of expertise, he has delivered more than 800 courses to over 10,000 individuals, making him a respected figure in the field.

Furthermore, Gilman owns Homeward Productions, a production firm dedicated to creating impactful works in theatre, education, television, and cinema. His passion for inspiring people to be active, expand, and enhance their humanity shines through in his diverse body of work.


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