Know About Austin Ekeler’s Girlfriend, Melanie Wilking!

Austin Ekeler is a running back for the National Football League (NFL) team Los Angeles Chargers. He went to college in Western Colorado and played football there. In 2017, he signed with the Chargers as an undrafted free agent.

Ekeler went to Eaton High School in Eaton, Colorado, and played football for The Fightin’ Reds. In Week 4, the team beat the Houston Texans by a score of 34–24. Ekeler had a total of 109 yards, two rushing touchdowns, and a receiving touchdown. In Week 5, he had 16 carries for 173 yards and one rushing touchdown against the Cleveland Browns. He also caught a touchdown pass in the 30–28 win.

When it comes to his personal life, Austin is dating a woman named Melanie Wilking. They have been together for more than a year. In this post, we’ll talk more about Austin Ekeler’s personal life and his girlfriend.

Who Is Melanie Wilking, Austin Ekeler’s Girlfriend?

Melanie Wilking is a popular TikTok dancer and a social media influencer. She often hangs out with her boyfriend, who is also a TikTok dancer. She has a huge number of fans who follow her on social media. Melanie, Austin’s pretty, caring, and supportive girlfriend, often watches him play at the stadium.

Melanie is active on Instagram. She has a public account that has been checked out. She has a large number of people who like her. As of this writing, 173K people follow her on that site.

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She is known for being flexible and creative, which has helped her gain more than 3.4 million fans on the platform so far. She grew up in Michigan and began dancing when she was 2 years old. She went to Warren Consolidated School of Performing Arts and got her diploma there.


In 2021, Austin and Melanie started dating for real. No one knows where they first met or what happened when they did.

Know About Austin Ekeler’s Girlfriend, Melanie Wilking!

Austin and Melanie are also very helpful to each other in their jobs. She often goes to his NFL games with his mother, and some of the videos on the social media star’s TikTok channel show her and Austin doing some kind of viral challenge.

Know About Austin Ekeler’s Ex-Girlfriend Taylor Frick

Before he started dating Melanie, Austin Ekeler went out with a few other women. Taylor Frick is one of the girls he has dated in the past who is well-known.

At the moment, Taylor works as a personal trainer. She registered her business in Colorado, but most people know her as a trainer at the UFC Gym in Costa Mesa, California.

Know About Austin Ekeler’s Girlfriend, Melanie Wilking!

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Frick and Austin Ekeler both went to Western Colorado University around the same time. Nobody knows when or how they started going out together. In 2017, Ekeler signed with the Los Angeles Chargers and became a player in the NFL. He was said to have spent most of his career with Frick. But they were only together for a short time before they broke up.


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