Who Is Chloe Fineman’s Boyfriend? All You Need To Know!

A few Chloe Fineman’s Instagram followers thought they were watching her get married virtually.

The wedding of the Saturday Night Live star and Casey Thomas Brown seemed to be live-streamed on Instagram.

Fineman didn’t actually get married, though. She and her friend just pretended to get married to keep their fans entertained while they were in quarantine for the coronavirus.

Fans were confused because they thought Fineman and Brown would make a good couple. Read on to find out why we don’t think Chloe Fineman is dating Casey Thomas Brown and who she is dating now.

Is Casey Thomas Brown dating Chloe Fineman?

Comedy is nothing new to Chloe Fineman. After all, she is a SNL cast member.

But when she told everyone that she was getting married to Casey Thomas Brown

, they all thought that he was her boyfriend.

In all honesty, it made sense that Brown was dating Fineman. They got along fabulously. They saw each other quite often. They are sweet to each other, for sure.

There was just one small problem: Brown is gay.

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Lastly, Fineman did make it clear. In an interview with Vulture, the actress confirmed that the Instagram live wedding she had with her best friend was a fake.

When asked if she was quarantined with her “fiancé,” she said, “I’m with my boyfriend, but my “fiancé” is my gay best friend Casey in Montana.”

Who Is Chloe Fineman’s Boyfriend? All You Need To Know!

Brown was mentioned in the previous heading.

Even though Fineman tried to clear up the confusion, not everyone seemed to get the message. This is why many fans and a few tabloids still think she is dating Brown, which we just said is not true.

Fineman was surprised that so many people, including big news outlets, took her words at face value and wrote a lot of straight-faced headlines about it.

“I was very surprised. And we were in mullet wigs! He tried on purpose to make the flyer look bad, she thought. “They told me that Chloe Fineman from SNL is getting married!”

Who Is Chloe Fineman’s Boyfriend? All You Need To Know!

Fineman also said that a lot of news outlets had called her publicists at SNL. Publicists told everyone that the wedding was made up. Even so, news outlets that were skeptical decided to run with the story. Fineman seems like a good act.

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So, who is Chloe Fineman dating right now?

When asked if she planned to ring the wedding bells outside of a joke skit, Chloe wouldn’t say. Now, this means that she doesn’t want everyone to know about her relationship and wants to keep things quiet – at least for now.

She also told everyone that if she did get married, it would not be on Instagram.

Even with all of this, most people still don’t know who Fineman’s real boyfriend is. But, folks, take our word for it that we will let you know as soon as Chloe gives us a hint.


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