Who Is Shaughna Phillips’ Boyfriend? Expecting First Child With Her Mystery Man!

Shaughna Phillips is best known for being one of the original cast members of Love Island’s sixth season on ITV2. She has also gained a lot of attention as an Instagram model, beauty and fashion trendsetter, and social media influencer.

Shaughna was on the sixth season of Love Island. She met Callum Jones in the villa and they started dating. But they were only together for a short time.

Recently, Shaughna made an announcement that she’s expecting her first baby. And this made fans curious to dig deeper into her personal life.

In this post, we’ll explore who is Shaughna Phillips’ boyfriend and more you need to know about her pregnancy announcement.

Shaughna Phillips’ Boyfriend – Who Is Her Mystery Man

Shaughna Phillips prefers to keep her boyfriend away from the public eye and off of her social media channels.

Who Is Shaughna Phillips’ Boyfriend? Expecting First Child With Her Mystery Man!

In April, Shaugna revealed that she is dating a new mysterious man and that she is pleased he wants to stay out of the public eye. The reality star said it would be “weird” if he wanted the attention she gets, but she admitted that he fits in well at home with her two French Bulldogs, Biggie and Bunnie.

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The former Love Island star opened up about her budding friendship and said that she would prefer to keep her relationship with her mystery man out of the spotlight because she has been criticized in the past. Shaughna said she is happier than she has ever been at this point in her life, and she doesn’t want trolls and keyboard warriors to “ruin” it by posting too much about her private life on social media.

She once put a video of a romantic birthday trip she took with her new boyfriend on her Instagram Story. Under the picture, she wrote, “Oh, he’s a keeper Birthday dinner on the beach.”

Who Is Shaughna Phillips’ Boyfriend? Expecting First Child With Her Mystery Man!

Her new boyfriend went all out for the party. He planned a romantic dinner for him and Shaughna with candles on the beach. She wasn’t wrong, he does seem like a keeper.

Shaughna Phillips Expecting First Child With Her Mystery Boyfriend

Shaughna Phillips, who used to be on the TV show Love Island, told her fans Wednesday night in a short Instagram video that she is pregnant with her mystery boyfriend.

The TV personality, who was on Love Island’s winter spin-off in 2020, shared an ultrasound of the growing baby after a checkup at her local hospital this week.

Shaughna also posted a short clip of her positive pregnancy test. She did this soon after she and her boyfriend, whose name has not been disclosed, found out she was carrying their first child. The confirmation comes just a few days after Shaugna said she was sick at Thursday’s National Television Awards, where she looked like she was going to faint and had to be helped out by her manager.

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She explained: “If anyone saw my exit” from the NTAs. I wasn’t drunk; I was so nervous I almost fainted.

“I don’t know what happened to me. I just had a bad turn and had to take my shoes off and have my manager help me out. Now I’m in bed.”

The due date for their child is expected to be in March 2023.

Congratulations to Shaughna Phillips and his mystery boyfriend for the upcoming baby.


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