All About About The ‘Be My Boyfriend’ K-Drama Cast!

The Kdrama that started on February 25, 2021, is called “Be My Boyfriend.” Fans of this show love to say that it’s “sugary-sweet.” We think that the only thing sweeter than the story in Be My Boyfriend is the cast. The show is a short but sweet look at one-night stands between high school students. When you’re bored, it’s the best thing to do. The drama’s light and fluffy romance is a great mood booster, so you should put it on your list of shows to watch right away. Also, since each episode only lasts 13 minutes, it’s even better to watch them all at once.

In Be My Boyfriend, all of the actors did a great job showing how a high school student would feel. A 2019 short series called Secret Mistake picks up where this one left off. The drama is made by the same people, and the fake dating plot will knock you off your feet.

Know About ‘Be My Boyfriend’ K-drama Cast

Shin Hyun Seung as Lee Seung Min

Shin Hyun Seung is the main actor in Be My Boyfriend. He plays Lee Seungmin. Even though he is the most average student, Oh Jina, who is very popular, notices him right away. Watch as he tries to make her his girlfriend by winning her over. Shin Hyun Seung’s first job as an actor was in the movie Be My Boyfriend.

All About About The ‘Be My Boyfriend’ K-Drama Cast!

Shin Hyun Seung was born on July 5, 1998, and he is a South Korean actor. He is best known for his parts in Work Later, Drink Now (2021), Adamas (2022), and Be My Boyfriend (2021). He works under Earnest entertainment.

Lee Shi Woo as Oh Ji Na

Lee Shi Woo plays the popular trainee idol who has a pretty nice life. She finally sees how normal Lee Seungmin is and decides to start a relationship with him. Will her heart lie to her and pull her toward him? If you want to know, watch the show.

All About About The ‘Be My Boyfriend’ K-Drama Cast!

Lee Si Woo was born in South Korea on September 5, 1997. She is a model and actress. She works for Big Picture Entertainment at the moment. In the late 2010s, she began modeling. In 2018, the South Korean magazine Graphy put her on the cover. She was in a music video for the K-pop band BTOB in the year 2020. Her first job as an actress was in the drama series “Sisyphus: The Myth.” Her first lead role was in a web drama called “Be My Boyfriend.”


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Choi Yu Ju as Seong Ha Na

Seong Ha Na is another main character in Be My Boyfriend, and Choi Yu Ju plays her. Seong Ha Na is a well-known idol who turned into an actress and has been in a number of Kdramas.

All About About The ‘Be My Boyfriend’ K-Drama Cast!

Yu Ju is a singer and actress from South Korea. She was born on March 5, 1997, in Goyang, Gyeonggi. She is the Cherry Bullet girl group’s main singer, rapper, and performer.

In 2017, she first became known in the entertainment business when she was in the music video for Honeyst’s song “Someone to Love.” Then she joined the all-girl K-pop group Cherry Bullet, whose first album, “Let’s Play Cherry Bullet,” came out on January 21, 2019.

Im Sung Kyun as Ku Hyung Tak

Im Sung Kyun is a rising actor whose first role in the drama Be My Boyfriend brought him to people’s attention. In the show, he plays Ku Hyung Tak, and his part is one of the best.

Im Sung Kyun was born on March 20, 1996, and he is a South Korean actor. When he was in the dramas “Best Mistake 3,” “Not Found Love,” “I Ate Well Today,” and “Be My Boyfriend,” he started to become known (all 2021). In the 2022 drama series “Oh! Boarding House,” he was one of the main male characters.

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Kim Byeong Kwan As Oh Ba UI

Kim Byeong Kwan is a member of the boy group A.C.E. He used to go by the stage name Jason. He was in the group High Praise for Kpop Star 1 with Junhoe from iKON when he was a trainee with JYP. His stage name was BK.

All About About The ‘Be My Boyfriend’ K-Drama Cast!

Kim danced with Kino from Pentagon in a group called Urban Boyz. He came into the world on August 13, 1996.

Jung Bo Min As Joo Min Ji

Jung Bo Min is a model and actress from South Korea. She works for the Sublime Artist Agency. On June 17, 1997, she was born. She went to Dongduk University for Women. Triple Fling was her first play (2021).


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