iPhone iOS 16 - Big Updates!

Apple unveiled iOS 16, the next major version of iOS, at WWDC 2022, and it’s a big one. iOS 16 is coming to iPhone 8 and later this autumn (perhaps around the time of iPhone 14 debut), and it’s a huge one. Naturally, there are other under-the-hood enhancements, such as haptic feedback for your iPhone’s keyboard—which has been long overdue—but iOS 16 may be one of the first iOS releases in a long time to bring significant changes to the lock screen, allowing for unprecedented levels of customization. Plus, Messages is getting a total overhaul, including the ability to recall and change messages even after they’ve been sent. There will be more options to share images with friends and family in the near future. There are even more Memoji possibilities. With a new feature called Safety Check, Apple is also making some new privacy strides.

The “all-new” lock screen with much improved personalization is perhaps the biggest new feature coming to your iPhone with iOS 16. It will, for example, allow you to change the typefaces and colours of various elements on the lock screen, as well as add widgets to it. You’ll also be able to make multiple lock screens with wallpapers, weather, and other options.

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iPhone iOS 16 - Big Updates!

In iOS 16, notifications will appear at the bottom of the screen, and you will be able to hide them. Apple is adding “Live Activities” notification tiles, which provide condensed and glanceable information without cluttering your lock screen. Focus mode is also being extended to the lock screen, allowing you to create several lock screens for personal, work, and other purposes. This also applies to the home screen.


The Messages app is next in line for a substantial overhaul, with three new “much demanded” features: the ability to recall messages, edit them even after sending them, and flag message threads as unread. With iOS 16, Apple is also integrating SharePlay to Messages. The addition of Live Text to videos is on the way. Quick Actions for quick translate have also been unveiled, as well as a brand new camera perspective. You can now drag and drop photographs from Visual Lookup directly into Messages.

In other news, iOS 16 adds multi-stop routing to Apple Maps, as well as six new cities to the detailed city experience, including Las Vegas. Meanwhile, using a new function called “Pay Later,” Apple Pay will be able to split your expenses into four equal instalments without any interest or penalties. In Wallet, Apple is also offering new ways to distribute keys.

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Updates to Photos include an iCloud shared photo library that you may share and age-appropriate limits that are more subtle. On the subject of privacy, Apple is introducing a function called “Safety Check” that will allow people in abusive situations to quickly remove information such as location that they may have shared with others.

iPhone iOS 16 - Big Updates!

CarPlay is getting a makeover, with enhanced widgets, customizable instrument clusters, and customisation layouts. Through its ongoing work with Matter, Apple is emphasising its commitment to create HomeKit a foundation for cross-platform use on many devices for Home. Through its collaboration with FIDO, it is also aiming to make password-free sign-ins a reality.


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