Who Is Maria Taylor’s Husband? Here's What We Now!

Suzette Maria Taylor, who is from the United States, is better known as Maria Taylor. She is a popular host on ESPN and the SEC Network. Even though she’s been a sportscaster for almost ten years, there aren’t many sports fans who haven’t heard of her.

Due to her work on the ESPN Network, the 34-year-old TV hostess has gained tens of thousands of fans. Her loyal fans know a lot about her successful career because she keeps them up to date on it through a variety of online channels. On the other hand, her fans want to know about her personal life, such as who she is married to and who she has been with in the past.

Who Is Maria Taylor’s Husband? Here's What We Now!

Maria has become one of the best sports commentators on ESPN and elsewhere, and her analysis of games and players at all times of the season often beats that of her competitors.

Maria, on the other hand, doesn’t try to hide the fact that she spends a lot of time away from work with her husband, whose real name is a secret.

Read on to find out everything about Maria Taylor‘s new husband and her previous relationships.

Is Maria Taylor Dating Someone?

Maria kept her fans in the dark about her private life for years. In February 2021, she took them by surprise. At the time, she posted a few photos of her wedding to a man no one knew on Instagram. On February 21, Taylor posted the picture with the caption “I Love Our Love Story.”

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Maria wore a white dress to their small wedding, and her husband wore a black suit. The sportscaster Maria just got married, but she hasn’t talked about who her new husband is yet.

Who Is Maria Taylor’s Husband? Here's What We Now!

A few weeks after she said she was getting married, @flowersbyyona

posted a picture from Maria’s wedding. They laughed and giggled with great joy as they walked down the aisle. In the description, the website congratulated the newlyweds and said that Maria’s husband’s name is “Jon.”

She is now very open about her relationship, and she keeps putting pictures and videos of her husband on Instagram.

Maria Taylor Previous Relationship

Maria met her ex-husband in North Carolina at a Charlotte Hornets basketball game in 2014.
Maria told The Knot, “I remember seeing him and telling my friend, ‘If we keep coming to these games, I’m going to end up dating him.'”

The wedding was in May 2019 at the Hilton Sandestin in Destin, Florida, which is right on the beach. “We used to meet there as SEC coaches,” Maria said.

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Rodney was also interested in her, so he asked his friend if she “played for the WNBA in Charlotte.” Maria told Rodney that he might have thought, “Maybe I was there to support one of the guys like I was his girlfriend or something.”

Who Is Maria Taylor’s Husband? Here's What We Now!

Rodney asked her out “on a dare,” and they ate their first meal together in a parking lot.
He told her, “You’re not as tall as I am.” Maria said, “We wound up talking in the parking lot until 5 a.m.” I’ve never just looked at someone and thought, “That’s the one.”

Several websites say that they eventually decided to get divorced. “They broke up later for reasons most of Maria’s fans and people who follow her on social media don’t know,” say some online sources.


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